Stop Your Foreclosure!

From: Catherine Mulcahey, attorney at law in Palm Beach County Florida.

Tired Of Dealing With Banks That Don’t Care?

Lets face it, most foreclosures are happening to people just like you and me. People that have never been in financial trouble in their lives. They’re totally unprepared and are being led around and many times lied to by the very institutions they trusted for years.

The video below is only one minute thirty two seconds long. Watching it could literally change your life for the better. There is absolutely no charge or obligation to Discover How To Fight Back.

In 2009 I was part of an organization submitting foreclosure information to a task force appointed by the Florida Supreme Court. This task force was made up of judges, mediators, bankers, and attorneys who represent both sides in foreclosure cases. In their report, adopted by the Florida Supreme Court in December of 2009, was a mind boggling statistic. 95% of foreclosure defendants had no attorney.

The sad fact is many of these homeowners probably had a defense, but no one was on their side representing them. You may be in that place right now and not know where to turn. The bank doesn’t care and the legal system is bewildering. Whats worse, you’re afraid of losing your home. Try not to blame yourself, you can’t fight back when you are alone and being attacked from all angles.

You Need These Questions Answered BEFORE It’s Too Late-

How long does it take for the bank to foreclose?

Can I just give my house back?

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure- Will this help or hurt me?

Do I get a free pass if the bank has lost my original note?

Discover the answer to these and MANY other questions in my videos. Just click the link on top of this page to see a selection of them.

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